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The KEY for us, number ONE, will always be the STUDENT-ATHLETE.

Prospect Combines was founded by CEO Shawn Phelps. Having over 20 years of experience as a player and coach, Coach Phelps established Prospect Combines with one goal, empowering the student-athlete.


Over the past few years, Coach Phelps has personally witnessed a lot of uncertainty among student-athletes due to the lack of counseling on what steps they need to ensure they are prepared and set up for success at collegiate level. Providing student-athletes with these knowledge and skills that will teach them how to advocate for themselves.


Our services are unique. You will get to know your recruiting coach personally. Our staff includes former and current collegiate and professional athletes who are committed to the success of student-athletes. Our state-of-the-art program is geared toward 'branding' the student-athlete. Aspiring next-level athletes across the country can build a platform for themselves that will showcase their athletic skills, ability, and academic readiness (per NCAA Eligibility Guidelines). 

In addition to the many services we offer, Prospect Combines will also host combine camps four times per year where athletes are able to showcase their skills and abilities. Post-combine, film and skill analysis will be available for each student-athlete who is registered with Prospect Combines and  will be available and accessible to all collegiate coaches and recruiters. 


Prospect Combines mission is to empower student-athletes to advance to the next level by being dedicated to delivering effective and efficient service with integrity, accountability, and respect.


To provide student-athletes with a platform that will allow them to land at a college that best fits them academically, athletically and socially.


Prospect Combines is dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment between student-athletes and collegiate coaches and recruiters by promoting honesty, integrity, and openness.



Our commitment is to the student-athlete. This is the principle our company was built on.

Academically, we are committed to taking a holistic approach assessing each student-athletes academic standing, educating them about the NCAA core course requirements, develop and implement individual plans of action by working with the student-athlete to set goals that will support advancing to the next level.

Athletically, we will provide student-athletes with an online tool to build their profile. Each student-athlete profile will be accessible to all NCAA coaches. Our team of experienced coaches will provide an athletics skills assessment via game film and provide combines and camps where each event will be filmed, analyzed and made accessible to all NCAA coaches and recruiters.


Your student-athlete profile will be accessible by all NCAA coaches.


You are more that just an athlete. We focus on your academics as well as your athletic skills


You are your BRAND. We can help you bring brand awareness to your social media platforms and create shareable content on all Prospect Combines social media platforms.


Quarterly combines to showcase your skills and abilities.

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