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Supporting Partners & Successful Collaborations

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AMP Athletics

Rod Miller, Sarasota, FL

Founded by Rod Miller, AMP offers development programs for student-athletes of all sports. Programs, AAU Track & Field, travel baseball, and BMX. The company AMP Athletics continues to provide the best in Strength & Conditioning and improving overall athletic performance.

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Karan Higdon - Sarasota, FL

Founded by Karan Higdon during his time at the University of Michigan with the intent to give back to the youth in his hometown of Sarasota, Florida, Recruit 941 strives to empower the youth by providing unparalleled opportunities through a combination of football, academic tutoring, mentorship, and community service

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RiseABOVE Sports Training & Skill Development

Isiah Neely - Pittsburgh, PA

Rise Above Sports Training and Skill Development was founded by Isiah Neely and is located in Pittsburgh, PA. Isiah specializes in providing athletic training and skill development programs for athletes of all ages at all skill levels.

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NAKEDFINE Athletic Apparel

Torry Johnson, Sarasota, FL

Founded by Torry Johnson, NakedFine offers athletic apparel for youth, women, and men. Their goal is to motivate and encourage individuals to be comfortable in their own skin.

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Prime Nutrition

Rod Miller/Michelle Sierra, Sarasota, FL

Founded by Rod Miller and Michelle Sierra, Prime Nutrition is fueled by Herbalife and offers Healthy shakes * Energized Mega Tea * Fat burning Donut Shot * Protein Pies. 


KENLON Creatives

John Battles/Latrell Davis - Pittsburgh, PA

Founded by John Battles and Latrell Davis, KENLON Creatives is a Pittsburgh, PA based business offering direct to garment and accessory screen printing.

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